{A} Family Session

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Sorry for posting this so late, I actually found this on my drafts and noticed it was never published, so almost 2 months later it finally saw public light Tehehe.

I love how this gorgeous mamma made my job so much easier by having all the outfits laid out and coordinated according to the feel she wanted for the portrait! (this was the funky style)

I loved this outfit set, she looked amazing and it really brought out her colored eyes, little S was so cooperative and such a cute personality ohh my!

How sweet is this? She really wanted a formal look for her Christmas cards and she really let me played around with this idea, hence all the Christmas concept shots:

I think this one was my favorite! although I was roasting them with the Fire place on in our southwestern Hot December.

Looooove the vintage look of this one! it reminds me of the wonder years TV show.

HaHaha I can’t help but laugh when I see this one, a family portrait with pets and everything, if you look close enough you can see that little black ball on her hand is a hamster, yup right next to the cat, oh and there was a bird too, but saw the camera and flew away, hence the natural laugh expression on little S.

Love this little kiddo and all of his personality!

I think this is the most fun I have ever had a t a session, we laughed so much I came home with a few extra laugh lines on my face, I just love my job and the people it brings me to.


Until next time (hoping I don’t forget to actually publish the posts)


‘Tis the Season

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Time sure flies around here, I can’t believe Christmas will be here in only 14 days and
I still have so much to do!

  • Finish trimming the studio school  Multipurpose room (Aka Living room).
  • Bake a ton of cookies for neighbors and friends.
  • Clean up after all that baking.
  • Photograph 5 more family sessions.
  • Edit & deliver all such portraits.
  • Christmas shopping Ahem, help Santa & the Elves find the perfect gift for family.
  • Attend 2 or 3 Christmas socials.
  • Prepare & teach Primary at Church (Sunday school for kids) during all these craziness.
  • Attend niece recital in the big City (our state not NY).

Keep Sanity during all this craziness!

But no matter how busy I seem to be I still Love Christmas. How about you? What do you have to do and how do you stay organized?

Happy Holidays!